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Relocation training for people coming to Poland

The program begins a few weeks before the planned relocation. The purpose of relocation training is to prepare the relocated person to work in a foreign branch of the company, to learn communication skills with people from different cultures (with particular emphasis on Polish business culture), to minimize culture shock, and to prepare for acclimatization in a new workplace. If the relocation involves a family, it is recommended that family members participate in the relocation training. After the relocated person arrives in Poland, we offer on-the-spot care and support in everyday situations. As part of relocation training, we also provide HR support in working with a relocated employee.


  • expatriates
  • expatriates' family
  • HR staff

Objectives of the training

  • learning communication skills with people from different cultures with special focus on Poland
  • minimizing culture shock
  • preparation for acclimatization in a new workplace in Poland

Expected outcomes

Participants will be prepared for work in a Polish branch of the company. They will increase awareness of Poland and its culture, how living and working in Poland may throw up some challenges and how to remain adaptable and open to difference and change. Thanks to participation in the training, participants will develop their skills to apply cultural dimensions in everyday practice.

The methodology of the training

The training has a practical and interactive character. In the workshop part of the training, participants will practice improve their skills in an intercultural environment during individual and group exercises.

The programme of the training

Module 1.

  • acquainting the outgoing worker with information about Poland
  • preparing him/her for the necessity of dealing with various official matters, visiting doctors, communicating in the new place (culture, political situation, economic conditions, organization of everyday life in this country),

Module 2.

  • preparing an employee for the challenges of the new workplace
  • presentation of the rules of communication in the new job, team organization, accepted habits in the company, what kind of behavior should be expected from new co-workers, how to receive feedback from co-workers and the manager

Module 3.

  • preparing an employee for a move abroad
  • how to deal with the emotions that accompany relocation, how to handle stressful situations, crisis situations and how to support the family during the departure
If the relocation includes the family, relocation coaching is recommended for family members.

Organisational information

  • the training can be conducted on-line or on-site
  • you will receive training materials
  • you will receive a training completion certificate
  • online consultations with the trainers up to 2 weeks after the training
  • training takes place between 9:00 and 17:00 CET

Training dates:


Kamila Ludwikowska

tel. +48 507 457 665

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