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Korean business culture

The purpose of this training is to familiarize the participants with the specifics of the Korean market and the corporate culture of Korean companies. During the workshop we will discuss specific examples of common issues in relations with Korea. This training also aims at developing the skills of building relationships and maintaining business contacts in Korean market. This particular training is designed for those who will be responsible for direct contact with local representatives by using online tools such as e‑mail, IMs, traditional phone calls as well as in person contact.


  • managers managing teams in corporations
  • managers working as entrepreneurs in their own business
  • corporate project leaders or coordinators
  • team members
  • HR staff

Objectives of the training

  • defining cultural factors in business relations with Korea
  • leading people and teams across culture
  • communication styles and tools for effective communication with Korea business partners
  • planning and executing across cultures
  • getting to know role of building relations with business partners from Korea
  • giving and receiving feedback in culturally diverse teams with the focus on Korean business partners
  • adjusting communication styles to diverse team needs
  • managing cultural adaptation process stress factors
  • developing culture competence among multinational team members.

Expected outcomes

The participants will acquire practical tool solutions useful in everyday business situations, encountered on the spot or in Korea, as well as during business communications before, during and after business trip. The participants will be able to talk with a partner from Korea with proper understanding of their intentions. The participants will be able to present the product professionally by providing plain information and to communicate with less difficulty with Korean partners by avoiding conflict on the basis of intercultural knowledge. Participants of the workshop will improve their skills to contact local representatives by using online tools such as e‑mail, IMs and traditional phone calls as well.

The methodology of the training

The training has a practical and interactive character. Training challenge the participants to learn by discussing and sharing knowledge, utilizing own experiences and by analyzing case studies, as well as participants’ own cases. Participants will work individual, in pairs and in groups. During the session trainees will develop their knowledge of business and social context and will enhance skills needed to work efficiently in culturally diverse environment.

The programme of the training

Module 1. Cultural competencies, case study Korea

  • Multi-culti teams. Sensibility to detect and manage culture related factors
  • Dimensions of culture
  • Perception of basic phenomena in Korean culture
  • Local mindset, social and working life. Social life and customs in Korea

Module 2. Korean business culture – basic assumptions

  • Korea in the nutshell – politics, economics and culture
  • Culture based on the principles vs. relational culture
  • Relationship Building with Korean colleagues
  • Women in business

Module 3. Korean business culture — Communication

  • Different ways of communicating
  • Efficient communication and cooperation based on online of offline tools
  • Preparation and conducting of meetings
  • Role of feedback in communication

Module 4. Korean business culture — Leadership and teamwork

  • Perceptions of leadership. Decision-making process
  • Teamwork – sharing tasks in the project
  • Cultural similarities and differences in Korean and selected countries business culture

Organisational information

  • the training can be conducted on-line or on-site
  • you will receive training materials
  • you will receive a training completion certificate
  • online consultations with the trainers up to 2 weeks after the training
  • training takes place between 9:00 and 17:00 CET

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Aleksandra Jaskólska

tel. +48 660 672 763

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