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Coaching leadership style in a diverse work environment

In today's diverse work environment, there is no single model to manage employees and developing them. There are as many ways as there are employees in an organisation.
Therefore, this training focuses on a coaching approach to management conversations, which enables an individualized approach to each employee in order to achieve high performance.
The training is addressed to managers and professionals who want to manage people in a way that supports autonomy, initiative and readiness to take responsibility of diverse groups of employees.

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  • managers managing teams in corporations or working as entrepreneurs in their own business
  • corporate project leaders or coordinators
  • managers who want to develop themselves, their team, their competence to manage themselves and others
  • HR staff

Objectives of the training

The aim of the workshop is to practically strengthen coaching competencies and the ability of managers and leaders to inspire and engage with their subordinates through:

  • Development of particular coaching competencies
  • Expanding self-awareness in the area of the role of a manager/leader applying the coaching style of leadership
  • Learning and experiencing selected coaching tools which are helpful in managing and motivating people

Expected outcomes

  • practical understanding of coaching style of leadership
  • flexibility in selection of the leadership style adjusted to the needs of the employee and requirements of the situation in a diverse working environment
  • ability to conduct coaching conversations
  • ability to apply selected coaching tools in conversation with an employee;
  • ability to create space for employees to take responsibility for their actions, engage their creativity and determination.
  • awareness of own strengths and areas requiring work in the application of managerial coaching;
After the training the participant is prepared to implement the coaching style of management in his/her daily work.

The methodology of the training

The training has a practical and interactive character and is focused on giving and practicing concrete coaching tools in different managerial conversations with employees. During the training we will use:

  • demonstrations of managerial coaching conversations
  • case studies enabling development activities to be tailored to the diverse needs of employees
  • interactive group exercises enabling the use of the acquired coaching tools.
  • independently conducted coaching conversations with accompanying instructions and feedback from the coach

The programme of the training

Module 1. Coaching approach

  • Assumptions of a coaching approach
  • Coaching as a form of supporting development and as a style of management
  • The process of coaching: professional coaching versus the coaching style of leaderhip
  • Coaching attitude and the role of a manager
  • The scope of application of coaching in an organization

Module 2: The coaching conversation

  • Demonstration of a coaching conversation and analysis of the conversation structure
  • Establishing the coaching relationship, building trust
  • Multi-level listening
  • Asking coaching questions
  • Formulation of coaching goals and criteria for their implementation
  • Working with resistance and limiting beliefs
  • Engaging and sharing responsibility
  • Practical training in conducting a managerial coaching conversation

Module 3. Applying the coaching method in delegating tasks and giving feedback.

  • Coaching style of task monitoring and accountability
  • Delegating tasks in a coaching style
  • Coaching feedback and delegation in a coaching approach

Module 4. Barriers and motivational support in a coaching style of management

  • Typical barriers and challenges to motivation
  • Supporting long-term motivation for development
  • Coaching approach in supporting creativity and overcoming barriers.
  • Difficult managerial situations in the coaching management style and how to deal with them

Module 5. Coaching conversations in practice

  • Discussing the process of putting competences into practice
  • Formulating a plan to implement knowledge and experience from the workshop into everyday life

Organisational information

  • the training can be conducted on-line or on-site
  • you will receive training materials
  • you will receive a training completion certificate
  • online consultations with the trainers up to 2 weeks after the training
  • training takes place between 9:00 and 17:00 CET

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Kamila Ludwikowska

tel. +48 507 457 665

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