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About Us

Cross Cultural Intelligence

is a company that specializes in managing diverse work environments, offering consulting, training, and personalized development to help achieve effective collaboration and sustainable partnerships in multinational organizations.

Our activities in multinational environments:

  • Developing awareness and building cultural competences to enhance business performance.

  • Supporting managers in developing their competences to manage themselves and their teams to ensure organizational effectiveness.

  • Supporting in developing relationships with colleagues and customers based on responsible and effective communication.

  • Supporting managers and HR departments in building modern human resource management practices and developing an inclusive and diverse work environment.

  • Supporting in the search for suitable candidates for expatriates and their preparation for departure, support during their stay in the host countries, and the repatriation process.

Meet our team

CCIQ brings together trainers, consultants, coaches, and mentors who specialize in delivering programs in diversity and inclusion, intercultural competence, leadership and management, human resource management, and expatriate management.

We are distinguished by our experience in managing diverse (cultural, age, competence, gender, values) work environments, which we apply to the consultancy, training, and personalized development we offer our clients.

They work with Us

Izabela Markiewicz-Czapińska


Maria Świderska


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Radosław Pyffel


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Marek Moroń

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