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Webinars are a modern format of substantive online meetings for employees using real-time audio-video transmission.

The range of meetings offered includes topics such as:

We offer developmentally inspiring and useful in professional and private life meetings full of valuable knowledge.
The form of our webinars depends on the needs of our clients. We deliver them in the form of a lecture, a seminar, or a workshop with interactive elements. We use many interactive remote tools to increase the effectiveness of webinars.

The duration of a webinar depends on the client's needs — it usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Webinars can be attended by any number of participants, from a few to several hundred.

We use secure information technology tools. We offer our own video conferencing tools and adapt to the technological requirements of our clients. All you need for our webinars is a computer or other mobile device with a built-in speaker (and optionally a camera and microphone) and Internet access.

We also organize periodic open webinars:

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