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We offer meetings with an experienced consultant / business coach / mentor / coach to achieve specific goals. Consulting aims at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the client's activities by finding new solutions.
Consulting can take different forms:

Business Consulting

Our consultants, experts and specialists in a given field, provide the client with ready-made solution options related to the area indicated by the client and adjusted to the client’s current needs. The result can be specialized knowledge, a specific opinion, a diagnosis of the situation, new solutions, and assistance in their implementation.

We offer consultants' assistance in the following areas:

Diversity and inclusion
We help build diverse organizations. We create and implement diversity management programs and strategies to create a sustainable workplace. We assist in developing strategies based on diversity of age, gender, national and ethnic origin, physical ability, language, health status, lifestyle, education, religion, sexual orientation. The result is a positive working environment and high productivity at the same time.

Intercultural competence
We offer help to increase the effectiveness of work in a multicultural environment. We help to develop the organization's cultural competence, improve business processes, and support the organization's orientation toward culturally diverse internal and external customers. We strive to maximize the return on cross-cultural investments by developing communication skills, expanding management knowledge, and collaboration in multicultural teams.

Leadership and management
We help managers develop strategies, build processes, and make the best use of human potential to increase their own, their employee's, and the organization's performance. We help create solutions that enable managers to optimize costs and resources and adapt to changing needs in multinational organizations.

Human resource management
We help HR departments develop specific human resource management practices in employee selection and onboarding programs, performance management process, competences development and management, incentive design, loyalty systems, and more.

Expatriate management
We assist HR departments in looking for suitable expatriate candidates, preparing the expatriate performance appraisal process, and shaping their careers. We comprehensively prepare expatriates for their travels abroad. In addition, we support expatriates during their stay in host countries and the repatriation process. We help to assess the effectiveness of foreign missions.

Consulting in the form of 1:1 or small group work

Individual training
1:1 work with a client or in small groups to acquire new knowledge and/or skills.

Mentoring is the process of supporting a mentee in achieving career goals. The mentor has extensive professional experience in the mentee's career interests and, therefore, imparts knowledge because of his/her expertise in the field. During mentoring, our mentors guide the development of the mentee's potential using coaching techniques.

Coaching aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the client's by finding new solutions.
In coaching, we assume that the client independently develops and implements own solutions based on the knowledge, skills, and experience. The coach is a partner who supports the client in this process.
Therefore, the client, not the coach, is an expert in the field of client’s life. The coach stimulates the process of discovering the client's resources. A special role in the coaching process is played by the client's personal responsibility and commitment.
In coaching, we motivate the client to change and support the development of skills. See more

Mixed: a set of different activities that support the needs of the client

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