ISO 9001 Certificate
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Training is a planned process of acquiring knowledge or skills by learning and achieving relevant results on one or more tasks. The trainings that we design are also intended to initiate the process of changing attitudes.

Training includes the development of employees' skills, supplementing existing qualifications with new knowledge, skills, personal traits, and behaviors to meet current and future personnel needs of the organization.

We conduct various forms of trainings tailored to the needs of an organization in terms of content and duration in both traditional and online formats:

  • training preparing and introducing to work in a given profession (their purpose is to equip new employees with elements of professional knowledge, skills, behavior),
  • on-the-job training (which prepares or develops the qualifications for a particular job and is intended to deepen and broaden existing elements of occupational knowledge, skills, and attitudes to adapt to changed requirements)
  • training for retraining (change of position or occupation).