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CASE STUDY: Pharmaceutical industry (training)

Development needs

This training was in response to a client's need to provide employees with practical knowledge on working with employees with disabilities.
In October 2021, we delivered online training for 12 HR departments administrative staff.


The training activity was focused on providing participants with knowledge about different types of disabilities to understand the functioning of employees with disabilities. The exercises and experimental tasks were aimed at reducing fear of the unknown and thus developing behavioral skills in dealing with people with disabilities.
The program's goal was to learn how to interact, properly communicate, and build relationships with employees with disabilities and respond to their needs in the work environment. Participants worked to increase public awareness of the needs and abilities of employees with disabilities and knowledge of how to provide safe assistance.

During training, participants worked in groups, individually, participated in group discussions, and performed short experiential exercises that allowed them to experience different types of disabilities.


Participants built their own rules of savoir-vivre in interaction with employees with different types of disabilities. As a result of the training, participants:

  • are able to apply etiquette to employees with disabilities
  • are able to plan actions integrating with employees with disabilities in the workplace
  • improved their competence in effective communication with employees with disabilities
  • know how to overcome their fear of dealing with employees with disabilities
  • are redy to reinforce good practices and behaviors towards employees with disabilities in the workplace
The training made participants realize that people with disabilities can work professionally and are valuable employees

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