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CASE STUDY: IT industry (onboarding training)

Development needs

In response to the needs of a large company in the IT sector, we delivered a series of onboarding training sessions from August to December 2021. The training responded to the need to familiarize new employees with the basics of South Korean business culture.


The activities during the training focused on providing participants with knowledge of the basics of South Korean business culture. During the training, participants shared their knowledge about South Korea with their colleagues. Trainers provided additional information. Furthermore, based on the scenes presented by the trainers, the participants talked about the dos and don’ts in relations with South Korean business partners.


Participants of the onboarding training got acquainted with the basic information about Korean culture. As a result of the training, participants also developed:

  • individual intercultural competence
  • knowledge about dynamics of multicultural teams
  • communication skills in a multicultural environment,

with particular emphasis on South Korean business culture.

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