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CASE STUDY: IT industry (coaching)

Development needs

Our client asked us to provide development support to two experienced managers in its foreign branch. The client wanted managers to develop a proactive attitude and a sense of responsibility for work, self-discipline, and autonomy in tasks and work more effectively with their team. Furthermore, it was important that managers communicate with employees, delegate tasks to them, and take care of them.

After examining the client's needs, we proposed coaching to release the managers' potential by working on their resources.

Coaching is a partnership relation between the coach and the client. It involves developing the client's strengths, helping to overcome internal resistance and transcend internal barriers and limitations to achieve personal and professional excellence. Coaching is solution-oriented, focused on defining and achieving specific goals, so the client set particular expectations related to the client's work with the coach's support.

We implemented the project between March and December 2021.


In the first step, the coach met with the sponsor to explore his expectations about bthe expected results. The coach presented the principles of coaching work, the code of ethics, and the rights of all parties involved before starting the coaching process.

Once the process was contracted (goals and expected outcomes were established), a meeting was held with each client. The purpose of the meetings was to inform each manager (client) of the planned activities, goals and expectations, to listen to the client and learn their perspective. Each manager agreed to the coaching process.

Subsequently, the first meeting was established with each of the managers and sessions were carried out according to the established schedule.


As a result of the coaching processes, each manager has learned how to work with their teams, effectively delegate tasks, develop team members, recognize and use their potential.Managers became more confident in conducting daily managerial conversations with their employees. They have also become proactive and creative in taking new initiatives and committed to completing tasks.

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