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Co-financing of trainings from PARP Funds

If you would like to receive up to 80% co-financing for open trainings offered by us, you can take advantage of the possibilities offered by the system of Subjective Financing of Development Services (PARP) through the Development Services Base (BUR).

What is the Development Services Base (BUR)?

Development Services Database is a service designed by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) in which you can find all trainings along with program and dates of units which have positive PARP accreditation for providing services and trainings subsidized by PARP.

What can you obtain co-financing for?

Co-financing from BUR can be obtained for developing competencies of self-employed persons and employees of SMEs in accordance with diagnosed needs of enterprises and for complex development services responding to their needs.

Who can apply for funding?

Micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and their employees, including the self-employed, can apply for reimbursement of costs of the training and consultancy. Funding may reach up to 80% of the price of the training or consultancy!
More information can be found at: under Get Funding.

What is the level of funding for training?

The funding you can get for your chosen training is from 50% to 80% depending on the Voivodeship assumed criteria.

How to get the grant step by step?

1. In the Development Services Database you choose any of our open trainings matching your needs — if you need help in choosing the right training for you, contact us — we will help!

2. Contact the operator in your Voivodeship. In order to receive support from BUR you should contact a proper Operator, i.e. an institution which finances training and advisory services and submit an application for co-financing of a particular training which is in the Development Services Base (BUR). Together with the operator will verify the rules of granting subsidies and the level of subsidy.

3. Fill in the application and sign the Agreement with the operator. Fill in the application form — an operator from your voivodship will help you.
The Operator is an institution which implements the subjective financing system in a given voivodship. The operator operates on the territory of a specific voivodship or its part and the procedures for awarding funds differ for each voivodship. Application for financial support should be submitted to the Operator competent for the seat, branch or organizational unit of the employer.

4. Sign up for the training via the Development Services Database — you will find the full list of trainings here of the voivodship in which the entrepreneur has received co-financing, the selection of the service should be made via the Development Services Database — BUR. Application can be made by a person registered in BUR — it is required to set up an account. Creating and using an account is free of charge.

5. Carry out the training, and after the completion do not forget to evaluate it

6. After paying the invoice, contact the operator to receive the refund.

In case of any questions or doubts you may use the help of consultants available to PARP:
INFOLINE: 801 332 202, 22 574 07 07, open on working days from 8:30 — 16:30.

You can also contact us if you have any questions.