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Development of individual and organizational social and cultural competences

Cross Cultural Intelligence

is a company that specializes in managing diverse work environments, offering consulting, training, and personalized development to help achieve effective collaboration and sustainable partnerships in multinational organizations.

Our activities in multinational environments:

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Our trainers share their knowledge and experience in the subject areas we implement. We invite you to watch our videos, demonstrating the activities we can carry out for you and your organization.

It is also a source of valuable knowledge that inspires development and is helpful in professional and private life.

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Get to know our offer of open trainings and various development activities in the field of diversity and inclusion, intercultural competences, leadership and management, human resource management, and expatriate management.

Get to know us by watching our training videos full of valuable knowledge of the areas we carry out.

Our Team

CCIQ brings together trainers, consultants, coaches, and mentors who specialize in delivering programs in diversity and inclusion, intercultural competence, leadership and management, human resource management, and expatriate management.

We are distinguished by our experience in managing diverse (cultural, age, competence, gender, values) work environments, which we apply to the consultancy, training, and personalized development we offer our clients.

Our Clients