Cultural Competency - Multinational Teams and Organizations
- The program can help you to improve and sustain diversity-based thinking and behavior and strengthening team spirit while helping participants to get to know and understand each other better.
- We will teach you organizational and individual cultural competence development and what is important is the fact that the course is based on multicultural business models.

Featured topics covered:
- understanding cross-cultural teams and projects dynamics; identifying the challenges of culture in the global work environment, uncovering some hidden cultural assumptions in business, understanding the impact of cultural differences at work; improving cross-cultural competence, communication and conflict resolution skills, building cross-cultural relationships

 Cultural differences – case study of chosen business culture
- Cross-cultural development program aims at helping to improve and sustain knowledge about business partners' culture. The course focuses on that cultural competences are essential tools for the success of the cross-cultural, multinational cooperation.

Featured topics covered:
- cultural impact on business and people; self-awareness of individual cultural preferences; communication skills enhancement; supporting one-team-acting in multinational environment, defining cultural factors in business relations, leading people and teams across culture, planning and executing across cultures, managing cultural adaptation process stress factors, developing culture competence among multinational team members.

Diversity Management
- Diversity Management program can help people to work in culturally diverse teams, whose aim is to teach how to familiarize participants with management styles characteristic of particular cultures, different ways of communicating and motivating employees.
- Diversity Management is a training and counselling program implemented in organizations that are generationally and culturally diverse. The program is for those companies, which in a conscious way want to manage the potential of differences, promoting equal opportunities and seeing the possibility of increasing the efficiency, innovation and profitability of the organization.

Featured topics covered:
- developing diversity; inclusion policy; role of gender, age, education; communication skills; employee’s relations; equality policies

Expat Training
- Expat training is a training program for employees who will start or have already started working in a new cultural environment. The program helps to develop cultural competences, teaching knowledge about the local business culture, social life, practical issues, and also helps in cultural adaptation. Both multi-national organizations and national companies with a network of culturally diverse regional branches can benefit from the expat training program.

Featured topics covered:
- cross-cultural awareness; cultural shock and how to deal with it; communication skills; cultural profile; dimensions of culture

“A major objective of intercultural training used to be to help people cope with un- expected events in a new culture”. Now the most valuable outcome is cultural competence that helps company to strengthen market-oriented approach in culturally diverse environment.

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