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Expatriate Management trainings focus on the key importance of professionally trained managers and specialists as a strategic factor in the company's success on international markets. Trainings concern issues related to the acquisition of the right candidates for work, their preparation for international assignment, support during their stay in the host countries, repatriation and retention after returning from the mission.
Our trainings are for organizations that plan to send employees on international assignment and for those that are in the process of international assignments. Trainings will help employees to develop cultural competences, teaching knowledge about the local business culture, social life, practical issues, and also helps in cultural adaptation. Both multi-national organizations and national companies with a network of culturally diverse regional branches can benefit from the expat training program.
Featured topics covered:
- cultural conditions of international assignment; process of managing international; assignments of employees; acquiring and preparing an expatriate for an international assignment; the process of adaptation of employees posted to international assignment; evaluation of expat work; shaping the professional career of expatriates; return of expatriates from international assignment; effectiveness of international assignment


“A major objective of intercultural training used to be to help people cope with un- expected events in a new culture”. Now the most valuable outcome is cultural competence that helps company to strengthen market-oriented approach in culturally diverse environment.