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Social Skills Development trainings can help you to develop a learning mindset, encourage self-reflection and expand knowledge and understanding of various social competencies in multinational environment, such as communication, collaboration, presenting ideas.

Self-presentation and public speaking trainings teach you how well you can work and interact with others, how to build relationships with people, create trust and how to be productive in an increasingly competitive global world. Trainings will prepare you to deliver an effective speech in different public speaking situations, from small group of employees to a large audience at a conference or international event.
Featured topics covered:
- communication skills, presentation skills, dealing with conflict, decision making, difficult conversations, emotional intelligence, influence and persuasion, leading effective meetings, and more

Sales Trainings can help sales professionals to maximize sales potential, gain confidence, and understand how to thrive in sales environment
- Our Sales Trainings teach you to feel confident during sales meeting, know different selling styles and their use, master body language and rapport to build relationships, attract customers, and understand the selling process and how to master it.
Featured topics covered:
- negotiation skills, sales techniques, customer service and customer relationship, handling objections; sales management, sale by phone, creation of professional standards, call scenarios, manuals, and more

Train the Trainer trainings can help you to gain and expand competences to design training programs, manage the group process effectively, and reach advanced level of designing training activities.
Our Train the Trainer trainings teaches you how to design and conduct business trainings, apply different training methods and tools, engage the audience and control group process.
Featured topics covered:
- diagnose training needs, develop customized training program, training methods, evaluation of the training, handling different situations, advanced communication techniques, advanced influence and persuasion techniques, designing training games and simulations, experiments during trainings, critical thinking in designing and conduction trainings

“A major objective of intercultural training used to be to help people cope with un- expected events in a new culture”. Now the most valuable outcome is cultural competence that helps company to strengthen market-oriented approach in culturally diverse environment.