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Leadership and Management trainings help you to expand leadership, management and organizational development skills and in effect cut costs, optimize resources and adapt to customers' changing needs in multinational organizations.

Leadership and Management trainings teach how to develop strategies, build processes, use best practices and groom workforce to get results. Managers can learn how to improve employee performance, identify motivators and how to bridge departmental silos to implement change in the global market.
Featured topics covered:
- decision making, delegating, developing employees, developing as a leader, leading team though change, empowering employees, time management, giving and receiving feedback, coaching management style, goal setting, leading teams, managing team conflict, managing stress, motivating people, problem solving, establishing positive work culture, and more.

Diversity Management trainings can help people to work in culturally diverse teams, whose aim is to teach how to familiarize participants with management styles characteristic of particular cultures, different ways of communicating and motivating employees.
Diversity Management is a training and counselling program implemented in organizations that are generationally and culturally diverse. The program is for those companies, which in a conscious way want to manage the potential of differences, promoting equal opportunities and seeing the possibility of increasing the efficiency, innovation and profitability of the organization.
Featured topics covered:
- developing diversity; inclusion policy; role of gender, age, education; communication skills; employee’s relations; equality policies

“A major objective of intercultural training used to be to help people cope with un- expected events in a new culture”. Now the most valuable outcome is cultural competence that helps company to strengthen market-oriented approach in culturally diverse environment.