Our philosophy and aim is to ensure effectiveness and cooperation in culturally diverse environments, doing everything in our power to allow our Clients – international and interregional companies, organizations and institutions – to benefit from their diversity more effectively and achieve a maximum revenue from cross-cultural investments.
In our offer you will find professional cross-cultural trainings, proprietary programs that define and explain cultural differences in business and interactive workshops on cross-cultural communication in business.
We offer trainings, workshops and coaching sessions for international teams on internal and external communication in an organization, leadership in multicultural teams, diversity management and international human resource management. Our trainings combine theory with practical examples and workshops, resulting in ready-to-implement organizational solutions.

Consulting and training

International Teams

International teams are groups of specialists, created by.

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Cross-cultural leadership is a balancing act between cultural.

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Expat training

Expat training is a specific type of training.

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Diversity Management

Cross-cultural organizations, where human resource management is tightly.

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Inter-cultural communication

Communication is a process of exchanging information between.

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IHRM (International Human Resource Management) About importance and.

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Our team

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Aleksandra Jaskólska

Izabela Markiewicz-Czapińska

Marcin Kazanowski

Radek Pyffel

dr Adam Burakowski

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Dr Katarzyna Jarecka-Stępień

Stanisław Matsumoto

Katarzyna Radecka