Radek Pyffel
President of the Poland Asia Research Centre , the first think tank in Central Eastern Europe exclusively focused don Asia. Poland Asia Research Centre works with business, universities, public institutions and local and international media. Lecturer in subjects related to China (Contemporary China , Chinese business culture) at numerous universities. Since 1999, he has spent several years in China and Taiwan, studying at Chinese top Universities: the Guanzghou Zhongshan University and Beijing University. After graduation, he started to work as a representative of Polish companies in China and Asia. He has run many projects, leading dozens of business missions in various parts of China. Currently he is leading several projects related to the educational sector and food sector in China. He is a frequent commentator of Chinese issues in the Polish media, and the author of articles and reports about Chinese business. He has also authored a couple of books on China: “China in the year of Olympics” and in cooperation with the Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investment (PAIiIZ), “Polish guide to Chinese business” - the first publication of this kind devoted to Polish business in China, and the specific cases of Polish companies on the Chinese market. Since 2005 he has been delivering courses on Chinese business culture and the Chinese market mostly for Polish managers and entrepreneurs - courses based on his experience gained through practical activities on the Chinese market as well as on his experience as a lecturer.


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