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The CIIQ team offers training, workshops, presentations and intercultural research. The aim of our programs is to develop individual and organizational cultural competences - from strengthening awareness and intercultural knowledge to improving cooperation and management skills in multinational organizations.
Our training and consulting programs are directed to companies, organizations and institutions that operate in a cultural diversity environment. Cooperation with us will help in even more effective use of the potential resulting from multiculturalism and diversity.

 International teams

• Training program for international teams includes analysis of cultural differences within the team, basic methods and techniques of cultural competence development, discussion of a set of tools facilitating effective communication in a culturally diverse environment and a set of exercises strengthening the attitude of openness to differences of views, behavior and attitude to work. During the trainings we work on attitude, skills and knowledge about other cultures.

Expat training

• Expat training is a training program for employees who will start or have already started working in a new cultural environment. The program develops cultural competences, developing knowledge about the local business culture, social life, practical issues, and also helps in cultural adaptation. Both multi-national organizations and national companies with a network of culturally diverse regional branches can benefit from the expat training program.oferta1

Leadership in organizations

• An intercultural program for managers is a training program, during which we discuss cultural differences within a team and define the challenges for leaders. We discuss tools that motivate employees in selected cultures and help create effective motivation systems for multicultural groups. We help leaders understand what atmosphere they can create in the team they manage and how it can affect individual group members. We discuss management styles typical for selected cultures and we help create a leadership style pattern that will be accepted by members of a given multicultural group.
• International Human Resources Management (IHRM)
Strategic HR is a training and consulting program for employees of departments of human resources, aimed at preparing and implementing the IHRM plan for a given location of the organization and combining it with global solutions of the organization. Together with the client, we work on the implementation of organizational values, as well as the matching of specific tools.

Communicationoferta 3

• Marketing communication in an intercultural environment is a training program devoted to the specificity of intercultural marketing, differences and similarities between markets, consumers, the way of communicating, perceiving products and services, and communication between culturally diverse marketing departments of the same or cooperating organizations.
• Internal communication within an organization is an advisory and training program addressed to all organizations that perceive the importance of planned internal communication. Participation in the program is aimed at preparing internal communication plans for the entire organization or selected projects in line with the culture of the organization.

Diversity management

• Intercultural manager is a training program prepared for people working in culturally diverse teams, whose aim is to familiarize participants with management styles characteristic of particular cultures, different ways of communicating and motivating employees.
• CSR Diversity Management is a training and counseling program implemented in organizations that are generations and culturally diverse. Program is for those companies, which in a conscious way want to manage the potential of differences, promoting equal opportunities and seeing the possibility of increasing the efficiency, innovation and profitability of the organization.


“A major objective of intercultural training used to be to help people cope with un- expected events in a new culture”. Now the most valuable outcome is cultural competence that helps company to strengthen market-oriented approach in culturally diverse environment.

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