Inter-cultural communication

Communication is a process of exchanging information between the senders and the receivers of statements, and is dependent on the particular cultural contexts identified in the group of senders and receivers. Each of those cultural contexts is familiar only to those individuals, who have been brought up in the particular culture associated with it, which means that the proper understanding of a statement made by an individual brought up in a context different from ours requires precise skills.

Supporting and promoting the policy of diversity management, our objective is to help organizations in creating plans and procedures aiming at adapting the organization – especially in terms of communication – to cultural diversity of market conditions.

Programs designed by our specialists are mainly dedicated for marketing and communication /HR departments, where they help in developing knowledge and cross-cultural skills in the field of: marketing planning, management in practice as well as organization’s relations with internal and external environment.

We invite you to benefit from the following programs:

  • Marketing communication in cross-cultural environment – a training program dedicated to the specifics of cross-cultural marketing, differences and similarities between markets, consumers, ways of communication, perceiving products and services as well as communication between culturally diverse marketing departments of the same or co-operating organizations.
  • Internal communication in an organization – a training and advisory program addressed to all organizations which understand the benefits of planned internal communication. Participation in the program aims at preparing internal communication plans for the whole organization or just a selected project in accordance with the organizational culture.


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