IHRM (International Human Resource Management)

The importance and value of IHRM in business is confirmed by the fact, that over 80% of international organizations implement cross-cultural programs, offering employees support in the management, communication, transfer and family programs. At the same time organizations which treat these programs as obligatory stops on the employees’ career path, become leaders in their fields.
Supporting these organizations on every stage and level of IHRM, we co-create HR strategies and offer training programs for employees delegated to work in new cultural environments.

We invite you to benefit from the following programs:

  • Strategic HR – a training and advisory program designed for employees of HR departments which aims at preparing and introducing HRM plans for precise location of the organization and linking it with global solutions for organizations. Together with the Customer, we work on the implementation of organizational values and adjustments of proper HR tools.
  • Expat training and coaching – a training program for employees starting work in a new location. It develops cultural competence of delegated employees and gives them knowledge about the culture of a host country or region. The program is composed of two parts: development of cultural competence necessary to work in culturally diverse environment and a practical knowledge about business culture, issues regarding everyday life, spending free time, etc. In case of international assignment for expatriates with families the program is recommended for all adult members of the Expat’s family.


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