Expat training

Expat training is a specific type of training program designed for employees, who are preparing or have already started to work in a new cultural environment. The program develops the employees’ cultural competences by enriching their knowledge about the local culture of business, social life, practical issues, and in this way helps in cultural adaptation.

Expat training program proves beneficial for multinational organizations, as well as national companies with a network of culturally diverse regional branches.

Supporting employees who start work in a new destination, our training programs put a special emphasis on:

  • the development of an employee’s cultural identity, which enables identification and helps find references in the natural behaviors and frames of mind between the new environment and native cultural field;
  • the development of cultural competence enabling a comfortable participation in local culture thanks to the knowledge about locally adopted norms and values;
  • shaping of an open attitude, which allows for accepting the different ways of thinking and acting;
  • providing theoretical knowledge about the host country or region, which allows for a quick acclimatization of the employee in a new place and among new people.


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