Dr Katarzyna Jarecka-Stępień

Katarzyna Jarecka1Katarzyna Jarecka-Stępień, PhD training expert, author and co-author of numerous scientific papers and scientific articles for the general public. She is an expert in the field of intercultural communication training for business. Graduated in Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, Jagiellonian University and held a trainee certificate „Becoming a Confident Trainer” from Open Universities Australia (OUA) Melbourne, Australia. Worked as a coordinator of international projects i.e. in the United Kingdom, Morocco, India and China. Katarzyna Jarecka-Stępień’s runs trainings in a dynamic and engaging style, while she always guarantees a space for developing an experience and reflection. She focuses on the practical issues, designs games and interactive training tools which allow to increase the efficiency of training.


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