Dr Adam Burakowski
Proposed trainings: Political situation, culture and habits of the countries of Central Eastern Europe and of India. Adam Burakowski gained his Ph.D in political sciences. He is an expert on Central Eastern Europe and India and the author of the following book publications: „Carpathian Genius. The Dictatorship of Nicolae Ceauşescu 1965-1989” (Polish edition 2008, Romanian edition 2011), „1989 – The Autumn of Nations” (with Aleksander Gubrynowicz and Paweł Ukielski, Polish edition 2009, Romanian edition 2013, Hungarian edition 2014), „A Sad Country Full of Humor. History of Romania after 1989” (with Marius Stan, 2012), „India. From Colony to Superpower 1857-2013” (with Krzysztof Iwanek), „Political System of Contemporary Romania” (2014). He currently works in the Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences and in the Polish Radio, on behalf of which he is a member of Euranet - a consortium of international, national, regional and local European broadcasters.


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