Diversity Management

Cross-cultural organizations, where human resource management is strictly linked with diversity management, are not only international companies. We also consider interregional companies and companies employing employees representing different social groups, generations, lines of business and organizational culture as cross-cultural organizations.

The training and consulting programs conducted by CCIQ, are a part of a diversity management strategy which perceives diversity as a one of the basic and most valuable resource in an organization, frequently - a source of innovation.

We invite you to benefit from the following programs:

  • Cross-cultural manager – a training program prepared for people working in culturally diverse teams that aims at familiarizing the participants with management styles typical for precise cultures, different ways of communication and methods of motivating employees.
  • CSR diversity management – a training and consulting program conducted in cultural and generational diversity, the main objective of which is to teach how to consciously manage the diversity potential by promoting equal chances and perceiving this as the cause of the growth of the organization’s effectiveness, innovativeness and profitability


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