About Our Company

CCIQ Cross Cultural Intelligence is a training and consulting company created around multinational enterprises and institutions, as well as organizations working on culturally diverse, national and international markets.

For years we have conducted projects and organized cross-cultural training programs for companies, organizations and institutions, which see cultural differences in business and cross-cultural communications as factors determining their success on multinational markets.

Providing services in the field of planning and implementing strategies of international human resource management and leadership in cross-cultural environment, we start from defining the stage of diversity and areas of prospective development. Consequently, we propose changes, which influence the cultural competence development of the organization and its employees.

In our work we concentrate on four main aspects of achieving success in cross-cultural management:


  • Culture in Multinational Organizations

Organizational culture, defined as a set of values, beliefs, strategies, procedures, customs and behaviors, reflects the basic norms adopted by the organization and its members. The consistency of these norms is a necessary element of partnership, understanding and organizational co-operation, and allows the organization to achieve all its goals. At the same time in multinational environment, as well as in case of mergers or expanding activity into new geographic markets, organizational culture evolves and it becomes the managers’ role to consciously recreate it and ensure the cohesion between local activity and the organization’s mission statement.

  • International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management (IHRM) focuses mainly on planned (strategic) recruitment and an effective management of human resources in cross-cultural organizations. The key stage of creating international teams and transferring employees is ensuring the development of cultural competence on both, the employee and HR department levels. CCIQ plans and provides support in the implementation of the politics of international human resource management.


  • International Marketing

International marketing means creating strategies and inner procedures accountabe for adapting the organization to culturally diverse market conditions, both external and internal.  We not only support marketing departments in preparing international strategies, but also help in developing cross-cultural knowledge and communication skills in culturally diverse environments.


  • Communication

Communication is a complex process of establishing relations and contacts between an organization’s external and internal environments. Knowledge about partners and employees as well as the ability of cross-cultural communication are essential factors in establishing the rules of successful internal communication inside the organization, as well as effective co-operation among its partners and their employees from different locations.


Our training and advisory programs are dedicated to all companies, organizations and institutions, which work in culturally diverse environments and wish to benefit from the strengths coming from diversity. We trust that co-operation with us will help them use the potential of multinationality and diversity more effectively.


So far, we have had the opportunity to work with :

  • Coca-Cola Hellenic
  • NokiaSiemensNetworks
  • MAN Bus
  • Carlsberg
  • Netia S.A.
  • Nordea
  • Delphi Polska
  • Warsaw University of Technology, International Students Office
  • City Hall in Szczecin
  • Volvo Group

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